Welcome to The Hedonist Vixen!

My name is Elodie Carpentier and this is my personal blog. This place is dedicated to sharing things with you all related to enjoying life and its many pleasures!

One of my favorites? Food of course! What a fabulous and tasty way to enjoy the world, three times a day, by ourselves or with friends and family! I will be sharing mainly recipes, as this blog holds the place of personal cookbook for me. I grew tired of having recipes all over the place, so I decided to store them all here, slowly but surely.

Another way to enjoy life is for me to explore the world around me. By traveling, close or very far away from home, discovering beautiful places or fun activities around me, and having parties of course! This one is more “in construction” as I’m still thinking about it, but it’s coming!

I’m looking forward to sharing and engaging with you, beautiful Internet people πŸ™‚